Todd Spight reviewing the Time Lime Therapy Training

Hello, my name is Todd Spight, I’m at Chicago Illinois. Been affiliate with Tad James organization since 2007, and several things that I’ve been studying and master, I’m a master practitioner of NLP, Time Line, there be Hypnosis and NLP Coaching. Now, why did I come with Tad James? I’ve always been interested to the mind, body, unconscious and conscious connections. All way back to college, my degree is a computer technologist, I have this weird ( I thought it’s a weird ability) that I would actually solve problems in my sleep. I would have a serious problem and I would wake up in the morning with the answers. That’s always got me very curious as it is to mind and body connections and so I started studying and reading. After my research, I realized that Tad James is one of the best and accessible between US and Australia. What I am doing now, I am the executive, I run the IT department. I have a passion in affecting and changing people’s life for the better including myself. How I use this technology is rapport building along with values, this one of the things that I really appreciate in addition to rapport building and negotiate. One of the best achievements that I had after leaving master practitioner in a down economy since 2009 using NLP approach, I increased my own personal executive salary by 45 thousand dollars. With that being said, I’m very thankful to my personal coach Tad James.

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